Chemistry Discipline Panel teleconference notes - June 30, 2011

Thanks to Catherine for these!


  1. Agreement on equivalency between BCcampus and CCCS.
  2. Sequence is mostly similar
    1. Some discussion on possible changes
      1. Solutions begins second semester for several
      2. nuclear and transitional should be a part of foundational chemistry second semester, for optional topics perhaps
      3. lots of agreement on nuclear being a draw to the course as an optional topic
  3. Labs
    1. CCCS has 9 labs, most others had between 10 and 14
    2. Lab exercises at most campuses seem more extensive than at CCCS
    3. CCCS lab kits aren’t available until 2nd or 3rd week so that could be driving the 9 labs, Shashi agreed that this is probably true for her hybrid course as well
      1. 111 and 112 require 120 contact hours of labs, Shashi at CCCS indicated that’s what’s driving the higher number of physical labs
    4. Gina asked, when looking at both lists of labs, which are critical to first semester, which are nice to have.. how do they look
      1. Adam, must have “learning to use a lab” needs to come first – intro lab, intro to using RWSL would be helpful because it gives time for the lab kit to arrive, get their feet wet
      2. On BCcampus list, which would you use for the first semester as core
      3. Lab write-ups will be available for each of these in PBworks
        1. Measurements and Density
        2. Conductivity
        3. Structure and shape of molecules
          1. Lab 6, we do this with models, it’s abstract and we want them building models
        4. Determination of Iron and Water
        5. Stoichiometry
        6. What about titration, ‘intro to acid base’ Qing puts these in Stoichiometry
          1. Water hardness lab 5
        7. Calorie content of food
        8. Gas emission spectrum (cccs), spectroscope
      4. I’m confused about what was decided on in the 1st semester lab list. We need to review this in PBworks.
      5. Second semester, will gradually add labs to this list online together.
        1. Solutions
        2. Empirical Formulas
  4. One text is not necessary, both used are fine.  Don’t make it textbook centric.
  5. Competencies must be met via online lab experience. American Chemistry Society outlines requirements.
  6. Virtual notebook, add notebook requirement