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Protein Synthesis Video Clip Answers Updated August 12, 2011

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Protein Synthesis Video Clip Questions

  1. Where are the instructions for making proteins found? DNA molecules

  2. What molecule is responsible for initial DNA transcription? mRNA

  3. What nucleotide is found at the head of the head of the messenger RNA molecule? Modified guanine At the tail? adenine

  4. Where in the eukaryotic cell is DNA initially transcribed? nucleus

  5. Where is eukaryotic mRNA “read” by transfer RNA? In cytoplasm on ribisome

  6. What is attached to tRNA that results in forming proteins? Amino acids

  7. What is an anticodon? Set of three bases that match RNA bases

  8. Where does the ribosome take the tRNA to make a protein? To rough ER

  9. Where are proteins processed and packaged for transport? Golgi bodies

  10. How might a protein be transported from its site of manufacture to its target? In the blood or vascular system


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