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RWSL Node Costs

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RWSL Node Building and Operational Costs



Initial Setup Costs:

The costs to set up an RWSL node are discussed in "RWSL Node Requirements -  Setting up an RWSL Node" (See sub-heading "Equipment Purchase").  As indicated to establish a minimal RWSL node the cost would be $90,000 to $100,000.  If additional capabilities are intended then additional funding will be required. 


Room costs are not considered here.  Nor are original construction and/or renovations should this be necessary.  Given an institution's local situation these things could vary from zero to a significant amount of money.


Operational Costs:

Operational costs will include power, bandwidth, room costs, RWSL tech wages, and equipment replacement.  If the institution already owns the room then room cost will be minimal, otherwise they will be significant and an estimate will have to be made based on the local situation.  Equipment replacement costs will probably be minimal during the first year or two (though not necessarily), but replacement costs need to be built in so that when equipment does need to be replaced there are funds available to purchase it.  If a 4 year cycle is planned for the minimum RWSL Node described above then $25,000.00/year should be budgeted for the replacement of equipment.  If a longer replacement cycle is planned, then this will go down accordingly. 


The biggest item during operations will be RWSL Tech Manager wages.  If we assume the minimal one Unit RWSL Node described above then, according to the discussion in Boulder Colorado at the end of April 2012, there should be a halftime RWSL Tech Manager employed.  The result is that an institution running a 1 unit minimal node should assume an annual operational cost of $50,000 to $60,000.


The addition of a second unit does not mean that the RWSL tech manager time required will double, but RWSL monitoring time will increase somewhat.  Given that the Nodes at NIC and at CCCS are relatively new, the maximum number of units one person can monitor simultaneously has not yet been determined so this is difficult to predict at this time.  If additional monitoring time is required then this could be done with one or more RWSL Lab Techs on incidental assignments so that the overall wages paid will not increase at the same rate as the number of RWSL Units in operation simultaneously.  This shows that there will be 'economies of scale' that will kick in for larger numbers of RWSL Units at any given node.  These 'economies of scale' will decrease the cost that has to be expended per student lab session.


Sample RWSL Node Operational Cost-Revenue Projection <--- (Put Link here)



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