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Recommended Equipment and Vendors

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Recommended RWSL Equipment and Vendors


(still needs to be filled in) 


This page contains recommended equipment and vendor information.  We recommend that you use the equipment suggested here because the LabView Virtual Instruments (VI) that have been created for these specific pieces of equipment will likely not work with other similar equipment without at least some re-writing of the VIs.  In some cases replacing the equipment recommended here will require significant re-writing.  In order to share NANSLO RDN support services and to share remote lab services seamlessly it is important that all members of the NANSLO RDN use the same equipment and software.  These standards will be reviewed bi-annually and updated to take into consideration new products and ways of doing things by the "NANSLO R&D and Technical Standards Committee".  If you wish to recommend changes to these recommendations and/or standards please contact your institution’s representative on that committee who will take your recommendation forward to the committee.


Required Base Module (RBM) Components:


Recommended Vendor

Vendor Contact Info

Model #

Estimated Price/unit

Video Streamer


MSI Tec, Inc. - Headquarters

11211 East Arapahoe Road, Suite 108

Centennial, CO  80112




Video Mixer


B&H Photo Video   420 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 Tel: 800.606.6969   www.bhphotovideo.com



PTZ Camera


Adorama Camera

42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011








Network Power Bar





Lab Computer





National Instruments Software (3 Lic?)

National Instruments




Video Archive Computer










Estimated Total Cost:


Note - All RWSL Nodes require 1 RWSL Unit for each RWSL lab that will be served simultaneously. 


*The Miscellaneous components contain … (Albert, what do they need to know about this?).


To put an RWSL Lab together, choose from the Support Equipment and Lab Equipment contained in the following 2 tables.  These Tables are not exhaustive lists as they only consist of the components that have been incorporated into RWSL to date.  These lists will grow over time.



RWSL Support Equipment


Recommended Vendor

Vendor Contact Info

Model #

Estimated Price/unit

Velmex Frame





Velmex BiSlide & Controller

     (part of the Velmex Frame)






Robotic Arm





National Instruments Hardware

(NI CompactDAQ chassisw relay and power supply modules)

National Instruments




PTZ Cameras





Nikon Camera













Lab Equipment


Recommended Vendor

Vendor Contact Info

Model #

Estimated Price/unit






Slide Autoloader (Optional)




est  $30K - $35K

Air Track





National Instruments Elvis II

National Instruments




E/M Apparatus





Basic Current Balance






Ocean Optics




Discharge Tubes & Power Supply





Spectrometer & Cuvette Holder





Syringe Pumps





Three way solenoid pinch pumps





Optical flow cell





pH – metric titration

   (pH Sensor, Drop Counter, Stir Station)





Scale (0.1 g accuracy)





Scale (0.01 g accuracy)





Vernier Data Logger





Audio Mixer





Matsusada RK500-1.6 Power Supply





3A DC Power Supplies





5A DC Power Supply















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