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RWSL Labs and Lab Exercises - CCCS

Page history last edited by ron.evans@nic.bc.ca 8 years ago

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RWSL Labs and Lab Exercises Available at the CCCS Node



Labs Available (or soon to be available) at Colorado Community College System in Denver, Colorado:

RWSL Lab (equipment)

Lab (equipment) modifications and configurations

Lab Exercises Available

Air Track*1


As is

1-Dimensional Uniform Motion

   (Constant Velocity and

   Acceleration)  These are presented as two separate experiments.

e/m Lab*2

As is

None - we have the equipment but it is not set up or available.



Configured for emission spectra*

Atomic Spectra*1

Configured for absorption spectra with Qpod 2e

  Beer's Law Exercise using solutions of nickel(II) sulfate 


As is

Intro to Microscopy

As is

Mitosis and Meiosis

1 done and ready for students

2 needs more work, but we have all equipment available

* Instructor Training Manual available




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