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Faculty Components - 1206

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Faculty Components


Discipline Panels

The Discipline Panels are defined on the NANSLO RDN Governance and Management page.  These will be the primary way that the faculty of institutions will have input into the governance of the NANSLO RDN.  The Discipline panels are also the forum where changes to existing RWSL labs and new RWSL Labs are proposed from an academic point of view.  Since this development will necessarily require funding this process is also laid out under the Discipline panel definition.


Peer-to-Peer Exchange

The Peer-to-Peer Exchange is defined on the NANSLO RDN Governance and Management page.  This forum is where faculty from participating institutions can discuss remote lab services from an academic point of view.  This is where the necessary informal discussions concerning the RWSL labs can be discussed and where proposals from the discipline panels can be developed.


Faculty 'Sandbox'

The Faculty 'Sandbox' is one or more RWSL Units that are designated for use by faculty of participating institutions to familiarize themselves with existing RWSL Labs and Lab Exercises.  It can be used by faculty to develop new lab exercises for existing RWSL labs.  The 'Sandbox' could exist at one designated serving institution or it could rotate among the various serving institutions depending on the the schedules of the various institutions.  The serving institutions who host the 'Sandbox' should be compensated as if they are serving a remote lab to the network, so this implies that there will be some cost for the use of the 'Sandbox'.



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