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NANSLO Leadership Notes April 24 2013 Meeting

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3035 Center Green Drive, Suite 200

Boulder, CO 80301-2204





Rhonda Epper Colorado Community College System, Dan BrananColorado Community College System, Paul Bennett Colorado Community College System, Pat Shea WICHE, Sue Schmidt WICHE, David Porter BCcampus, Mary Burgess BCcampus, Lisa Domae North Island College,  

Albert Balbon North Island College, Kevin Walters North Island College


NANSLO Leadership Team Meeting Notes

April 10, 2013, 1 pm – 2 pm MDT


Participants: Dan Branan, PJ Bennett, Carrianna Cordileone, Rhonda Epper, Kevin Walters, Albert Balbon, Maria Fieth,

Mary Burgess, Heather McKay (Rutgers), Sue Schmidt


Additions/Changes to April 10 notes? None



  • Dan discussed the continuing lab activities for CCC Online

    • Lab is continuing activities for CCConline – there are two experiments scheduled for this week – experiments are going well

    • Experiments are scheduled throughout semester rather than just at a certain point in the semester – microscopy experiment may create a bottleneck in future as that one experiment typically occurs at the first of the semester

    • NANSLO is continuing its efforts to modularize the programs in LabView so experiments are as portable as possible

    • PJ and Dan went to programming class

    • Montana site will be moving along soon – lab staff not hired yet but should be in place soon

    • Dan is meeting with consultants to set up new IT infrastructure at new location at Red Rocks and is securing quotes for hardware, software and assistance

    • NANSLO Denver is losing all lab technicians and in process of hiring new ones for summer

    • Dan has started ordering equipment for new grant without additional approvals or IT

  • Rhonda is working on MOU to set up lab at Red Rocks.

  • NANSLO lab is targeting summer to fall for move to Red Rocks


North Island Update:


North Island College

  • Albert and Kevin reported the visit from Tony Bates was very successful. He is coming out with another paper in addition to blog – will send to them first – got a nice note from him

  • Found out biology dept would like to use microscopes for summer and fall classes at different campuses – faculty will be using the RWSL remotely to show students how to use the equipment before going into the lab at their campus to complete lab experiments. This allows faculty to show groups of students without having them try to see it around a microscope in the lab.

  • Mary from BCcampus visited North Island in April to see lab

  • Albert noted that they are waiting for the CHEO contract to be signed before ordering equipment and creating code for robotics – Maria noted they are finalizing but having conversation around tax issues

  • Albert is working on another lab for BCcampus in the physics area – labs are for Tak and Ron experimenting in quantum mechanics – problem getting right siloscope



  • Mary had a good look at lab and chatted with Tony – saw things in action and talked strategy with North Island.

  • The open text A&P will be ready sometime this month – might want to look at it and also have a biology and physics open textbooks – Open Stack developed these open textbooks funded through Rice – plan on developing 20 – mostly in the STEM area. Cost is $500,000 per text – high quality resources.

  • These textbooks will be used in the BCcampus project. BCcampus has asked faculty to review by end of summer.


Conferences and workshops

  • WCET presentation – panel discussion with Dan, Kate and Tak at WCET later this year

  • Sue to send out information on STEMtech conference – NANSLO may want to send in a proposal to present at this conference – proposal due at end of May

  • Sue requested that conference information be sent to her so it can be posted on the NANSLO website



  • Sue is finalizing the preliminary agenda for the June 13-14 workshop – plan to send out to eight CHEO project leads by May 1

  • Speakers all lined up and ready to present:

    • Rhonda Epper and Pat Shea

    • Susan Mircovich

    • Richie Boyd

    • Paul Stacy

    • Heather McKay

    • NANSLO faculty experts will facilitate breakout sessions

    • Dan Branan and Albert Balbon

    • Farah Bennani, Hilton Chan, Farnosh Family and Kate Lormand, Susan Mircovich and Ritchie Boyd (Facilitators for breakout sessions)

  • There is a block of 24 rooms available until May 15. Still working through logistics with hotel on any potential rooms for Friday for those needing to stay an extra day.

  • Sue reported that she has only received 5 out of the 8 surveys sent to the schools. Pueblo, Otero and Red Rock have not responded

    • Maria mentioned they they are hesitant to send in information due to the fact that they are still in the process of hiring new faculty

    • Rhonda asked that contacts for the three who have not responded be sent to her for follow up

  • NANSLO and CHEO one-pagers – Sue mentioned that if any errors are found to please let her know so that she can fix them.



    • STEMtech conference in Atlanta, GA

      • October 27-30 – League of Innovations

      • May 4 deadline for proposals – Sue will send into out to group


Heather McKay - Rutgers

  • Heather will begin working soon on data collection

  • Heather will work closely with Maria and Jeremy on data needs Maria and Jeremy

  • Iimportant pieces are qualitative pieces – work being done, building labs, benefits –

    • Heather at first will be participating in calls

    • In future, she will do more in depth interviews on CHEO activities and will do a presentation on what CHEO participants can expect over next couple of years

    • Heather suggested anyone having questions give her a call or contact her via email

    • Her work is not an evaluation that is punitive but a process evaluation so that others can learn from what CHEO is doing

    • Heather suggested she send out to the group the goals for evaluation

  • Rhonda asked if Heather could use NANSLO NGLC evaluation from Inverness research so could build on that work.

    • Rhonda suggested that there be a conversation about what might be a good plan for using this process? Should we schedule another call and review prior materials?

      • Rhonda suggested that a two or three page memo be put together on what has been done and where we want to go.

      • Discuss this further on a call toward the end of May.

      • After call, would summarize thoughts and send out for suggestions.



  • There were no questions poised at end of meeting.

  • If you have any updates or agenda items for the May 8 meeting, please send to Sue.


Action Items

  1. Send the notes from the April 10th call – Completed 4/24 and asked for verification of receipt

  2. Send Game Changers article to Maria Fieth and Heather McKay – Completed 4/24

  3. Send NANSLO website, NANSLO Wiki site and Meeting Requests to Heather McKay – Completed 4/24 – also sent info to Maria Fieth

  4. Add Heather McKay and Maria Fieth to Leadership List. – Completed 4/24

  5. Send contacts and survey documents to Rhonda Epper for her follow up with PCC, Red Rocks and Otero – Completed 4/24


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